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Leverage the power of 

Artificial Intelligence and Big Data

Discover how our world first end-to-end enterprise solution can help you revolutionize your impact assessment process.

Our solutions to impact assessments

AOS is helping philanthropic organizations, foundations, businesses, and governments worldwide in impact assessments and measurement and beyond to improve the lives of billions and foster a sustainable future for our planet.

Global Impact Assessment (GIA) is a global technology and consulting firm that provides streamlined environmental, social, human rights, and health impacts and outcomes assessment services. GIA's unique impacts and outcomes assessment approach combines a variety of data collection and analysis methods, including satellite technology, machine learning, surveys, and interviews, to provide a holistic assessment of the impact of projects, programs, and initiatives. GIA's use of technology, expertise, and global reach can save time and cost substantially compared to traditional impact assessment methods. GIA is relied on by nonprofits, governments, private organizations, and corporations worldwide to measure and improve the impact of their operations.



Philanthropy and Impact Investing
Non-profit and Social Enterprises

Leveraging advanced technology and expert insights, we navigate the intricacies of impact assessment, empowering corporations to comply with regulatory requirements. This proactive approach helps avert potential public backlash, overcome operational setbacks, maximize profits, and minimize negative impacts.

Our unique AI-powered assessment solutions help foundations and banks measure the impacts of the projects they fund or lend to, empowering them to make informed decisions and continually enhance their societal contributions.

We offer a robust solution designed to holistically measure the impacts of your interventions, programs, initiatives, or the projects you are funding. This enables you to streamline your impact reporting process and make informed decisions.


We enable governmental entities to adhere to regulatory standards, optimize resource allocation, and minimize adverse impacts on the environment and local communities.


We combine global reach with local expertise, serving communities and organizations worldwide.

Global Impact Assessments


Working with us provides the reassurance of having experienced professionals on your team. We guide our clients in comprehending their impacts, minimizing risks, maximizing values, and evaluating and predicting outcomes with exceptional accuracy and dependability. By incorporating state-of-the-art technologies, we bring cutting-edge solutions to complex challenges. Our team consists of PhDs from top universities and years of industry experience, with a track record of over 200 publications and extensive experience in real-world projects, ensuring expertise and innovation in every project.

Solutions to impact assessments and measurements

Our Team


Thiri S. Aung, Ph.D.

Impact Assessment Lead


Yanhua Xie, Ph.D.

Geospatial Lead


Thomas B. Fisher, Ph.D.

Impact Assessment Lead


Ben Cave, Ph.D.

Impact Assessment Lead


Robert M. Sanford, Ph.D.

Impact Assessment Lead

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