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Revolutionary and secure, GIA's proprietary patent pending technology -
A.O.S.: Genesis stands as a versatile, cloud-agnostic assessment platform, expertly designed to cater to your diverse needs in impacts measurement and assessment, analytics, data solutions, and visualization. Embrace the future with Genesis
 – your gateway to creating a sustainable, AI-enhanced organization in an era of technological advancement and human-centric innovation.

Ready to make some impact?

Discover what’s possible with

A.O.S.: Genesis

Revolutionizing Impact Measurement and Assessment

Genesis empowers clients to embrace AI-enhanced assessment, helping them at any stage in their impact evaluation journey. Our approach is secure, integrated, and comprehensive, making the assessment of projects and programs faster.

Innovative Solutions at Your Fingertips

Genesis employs AI, machine learning, and geospatial technologies to provide effective solutions. This innovative combination accelerates the process and offers insights that traditional methods cannot match.

Genesis is transforming the way businesses and organizations assess, measure and predict the impact and outcomes of their initiatives and projects.

From Vision to Reality

The idea of using Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to measure program impacts deeply was once a distant vision. However, with Genesis, this has become a practical reality. We provide prebuilt, ready-to-implement capabilities that are easy to use.

Customizable and Scalable AI

Genesis ensures that clients can access AI solutions that are not only customizable but also scalable. These solutions meet the unique needs and scale of each organization's assessment requirements, offering flexibility and precision.

A.O.S.: Genesis

impact Measurement


Genesis is designed to support organizations in navigating the complexities of impact measurement, harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and geospatial capabilities for depth and accuracy. Genesis offers a robust, integrated framework that accelerates the translation of data into meaningful insights.

impact Measurement


Genesis' combination of AI, ML, and geospatial technologies makes it an incredibly powerful tool, offering a new level of sophistication and accuracy in impact assessment. This cutting-edge approach positions us to help our clients make more informed decisions while ensuring compliance with regulations backed by data-driven insights and comprehensive analyses.

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